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The Sports Guy

Born in the north but raised in the south (kind of), Jason grew up enjoying a variety of sports.  But when he's not off playing soccer or golf, he enjoys a good TV show or bopping around on his computer.  And also sleeping a lot!

One day he hopped on Tinder and meticulously reviewed the pictures of a guy enjoying a glass of wine and the shared interests of TV shows and games.  He carefully pressed the green check-mark (it was too hard to remember which way to swipe) and waited for a potential match!


The Entertainer


Born in Jersey but landed in North Carolina (via New York, then Las Vegas, then New Jersey again, then New York again...), Chris loves a good book almost as much as he loves to entertain guests with his excellent cooking and fine taste in wine!

One day he hopped on Tinder and impulsively swiped right at the sight of a handsome guy.  Only after he got a message from this guy did he wonder, what could I see in a guy who likes golf and soccer?  But some friendly messaging turned into some exciting dates, and the rest is history!


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